Tyler Bisset

Senior UI/UX Developer

Tyler is a front-end developer responsible for building the True Tickets web and mobile app user interfaces. As a Senior Technologist at Chateaux, Tyler brings over 11 years of experience in web design and development, local and cloud infrastructure, and systems administration.

Tyler has extensive knowledge about how designs translate into development efforts as his abilities include both. He has experience with a wide variety of technologies and skills, including UI/UX design, front-end application development, network and cloud infrastructure, system administration, cybersecurity, databases, social media, marketing, and branding. This significantly boosts the efficiency of the overall project as designs translate easily into whichever technology is ultimately selected. In addition, Tyler’s excellent communication skills and affability allow him to work with members of every team and communicate requirements clearly and effectively, whether they are executives, business users, or developers.

When he’s not designing and developing, Tyler can be found enjoying the wilderness of New England and destroying players in video games.