Thomas Hardjono

Blockchain Advisor

Thomas Hardjono is the CTO of MIT Connection Science and Engineering. He leads technical projects and initiatives around identity, security and privacy in emerging technologies such as IoT, smart contracts and blockchain systems, and engages industry partners and sponsors on these fronts. Prior to this Thomas was the Director of the MIT Kerberos Consortium, developing the famous MIT Kerberos authentication software currently used by millions of users around the world. He has led a number of key industry technical groups within the IETF, OASIS, Trusted Computing Group, Kantara and other organizations.  Aside from MIT Kerberos, he has been instrumental in the development of the OpenID-Connect 1.0 (OIDC) and the User Managed Access (UMA) identity management protocols. He is also spearheading exploratory work on core identities, open algorithms and verifiable transaction identities for blockchain systems. Over the years he has published four books and over sixty technical papers in journals and at conferences.