Tessitura Integration

True Tickets integrates seamlessly with your Tessitura database, whether your organization is hosted by Tessitura Cloud Hosting (formerly RAMP), self-hosted, part of a Tessitura consortium, or a solo licensee. When you're ready to implement, our team will work with you to tailor the process to your needs.

How does the integration work?

At its core, True Tickets functions as a Delivery Method in Tessitura. You decide when to use it vs. any other Delivery Methods you support. Our integration uses SQL stored procedures, the Tessitura REST API, and a Tessitura Service Interceptor Plugin to sync Ticket, Performance, Venue Location, and Ticket Holder information between Tessitura and True Tickets. An approved customization to Tessitura Access Control enables Tessitura to validate secure, rotating QR codes supplied by True Tickets to your patrons. This enables a combination of real-time and periodic data polling to ensure True Tickets reflects your system of record: Tessitura.

You can find more information about specific capabilities of the integration below.

Install Painlessly

Our goal is to make your life easier. Installation is as simple as this:

  • Run a SQL script in your database
  • Place some plugin files alongside your Tessitura REST API

There's no new hardware or software, and it takes 30 minutes on average to complete the install.

Retain Full Integration Control

The True Tickets Tessitura Integration prioritizes giving Ticketing Administrators full control over the Integration. Using System Tables, Production Element Content Types, and Constituent Attributes, you can use Tessitura to manage:

  • Digital Ticket Delivery
  • Ticket Sharing
  • QR Code Delivery
  • Ticket Displays and Flags

Deliver Tickets in Real Time

As soon as an order is saved using the the True Tickets Delivery Method, a Tessitura Service Interceptor Plugin ensures that Digital Tickets are delivered immediately and available to Attendees via their Digital Ticket Wallet.

The True Tickets Tessitura Integration allows Ticketing Administrators to enable or disable Digital Ticket Delivery for specific Performances, Seasons, Season Types, and Constituent Types.

Monitor Ticket Delivery Status

Order Seat History Events allow Ticketing Administrators and Customer Service Representatives to quickly view the full history of True Tickets events directly from the History tab of a Tessitura Order.

True Tickets will record a row in Order Seat History whenever tickets are:

  • Delivered
  • Voided or Returned
  • Accepted, Returned, or Reclaimed via Ticket Sharing processes
  • Assigned to or Unassigned from Guests other than the Order Owner

Manage Ticket Sharing Rules

True Tickets empowers Tessitura organizations to make decisions on how they want to allow tickets to be shared. There are three Ticket Sharing rules that can be applied:

  • Can Share - permits ticket sharing
  • Can Reshare - permits a shared Ticket to be re-shared or forwarded to another guest
  • Can Share All - permits the Order Owner to share all the tickets for the given event (When not applied, the Order Owner must keep at least one ticket for the given event in their own wallet.)

These sharing rules can be set at several different levels of granularity in Tessitura:

  • System Defaults
  • Production Elements
  • Price Types
  • Individual Constituents
  • Orders

Rules at higher levels of the hierarchy are overridden by rules at lower levels. If rules are not set at lower levels in the hierarchy, those set at higher levels are inherited.

Collect New Patron Data (with Email Opt-In)

Guests accepting a Shared Ticket must either login to an existing record or register a new Constituent record in your Tessitura database. This allows you to interact with these new patrons for marketing, fundraising, guest experience, and other purposes.

For new Constituents, the following information is collected:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Login Password
  • Phone (optional)
  • Postal Code (optional)
  • Email Opt-In using Tessitura Contact Permissions (optional)

Track the Ticket Chain of Custody

Each time a guest accepts one or more tickets that have been shared with them, or an Order Owner reclaims a shared ticket, or a guest returns a shared ticket to the Person that invited them, True Tickets writes that information back to Tessitura, creating a full chain of custody for your Digital Tickets.

Assign Tickets to Different Patrons from the Box Office

The True Tickets Tessitura Integration allows you to assign Digital Tickets to Constituents other than the Order Owner by setting a Sub Line Item Recipient. Assigned tickets appear in the Digital Ticket Wallet the same way that shared and accepted tickets do.

View and Leverage Data on Recipients of Shared Tickets

Tessitura's out-of-the-box functionality for Sub Line Item Recipient data makes data about patrons who accept shared tickets available in:

  • Orders
  • Ticket History
  • Lists
  • Extractions
  • Tessitura Analytics

Ease Patron Login to the Digital Ticket Wallet

Patrons use their Tessitura Login and Password -- the same credentials they use to login to your website -- to access their True Tickets Digital Ticket Wallet and retrieve their Digital Tickets. They do not need to create or remember a new password or login.

True Tickets also supports seamless authentication so your guests can navigate from your organization’s website to their ticket wallet without having to re-login.

Configure Digital Ticket Design and Display

The True Tickets Tessitura Integration gives organizations the ability to configure the display of Events and Tickets on the Digital Ticket Wallet using the native Tessitura functionality they are already comfortable with. Configurable elements in the Digital Ticket Wallet include:

  • Event Titles
  • Seat Details and Patron Wayfinding Information
  • Accessible and Obstructed View Seat Flags
  • When QR Codes Appear
  • Postponed and Canceled Performance Flags
  • Ticket Details