Build New Relationships

Identify and connect with your true audience.
A patron buys a couple tickets for friends. A manager buys a group of tickets for the office. A broker purchases a section of the house to resell on the secondary market. At the end of the day, you may have a sold out event, but you'll have little to no information about who is actually sitting in those seats.

Control Your Tickets

Set your own rules.
Once your tickets are in the hands of your patrons, do you know what happens to them? How can you be sure your policies are followed? Throughout most of the industry, once you deliver that ticket, there's not much you can do. This can result in potential revenue left on the table, policies being skirted, and worst of all, unhappy patrons.

Leverage Your Data

Gain insight into the full lifecycle of your tickets.
Order updates. Cancellations. Ticket shares. Reselling. So much can occur between purchase and showtime. True Tickets records all updates to a ticket's status in Order History creating an easily trackable chain of custody.

Curb Ticket Abuse

Not all threats occur at checkout.
Two of the biggest issues plaguing the ticketing industry today are fraudulent credit card chargebacks and exploitative resale practices. True Tickets can help you protect your business and your patrons.

Deliver a Seamless Experience

Keep your audience coming back.
Long lines, invalid tickets, and wandering patrons happen everywhere. The measure of success for any live-event venue is when your guests remember the great experience they had, rather than any hassles, so they return again and again. True Tickets helps venues succeed by reducing hassles for patrons so they can simply access their tickets via the Branded Ticket Wallet, take their seats, and enjoy the show!