From the convenient and highly-usable branded digital ticket wallet to the painless and seamless Tessitura integration, True Tickets helps you know more of the patrons interacting with your tickets and showing up to your events, gives you controls to ensure your ticketing policies are followed, and enables you to mitigate fraudulent activity and the excesses of the secondary market – all while enabling you to deliver an exceptional digital ticketing experience for your audience.


Branded Digital Ticket Wallet

  • Patrons use a website to access their digital tickets - no app download required
  • Ticket wallet meets the highest AAA web accessibility standards
  • Branding lets your patrons know they are interacting directly with your organization
  • Users log in with the same credentials they use on your website
  • Optionally enable Log in Without a Password using patron's email address from a valid login
  • Responsive design looks great on desktops and mobile devices
  • Hyperperformant architecture facilitates easy access, even on limited bandwidth
  • Configurable text and links allow you to recognize sponsors and build engagement
  • Cancelled and postponed flags enable real-time event management and communications

Log in Without a Password

  • Patrons don't have to remember or reset their passwords
  • Guest checkout patrons can log in even if they don't have a password yet
  • With the email address from a valid login, they can easily access their tickets
  • For more on this optional add-on, see Log in Without a Password

Rules-Based Ticket Sharing

  • Ticket holders can share, forward, return, and reclaim tickets
  • Sharing rules set in Tessitura enable and disable certain capabilities
  • Different rules can be set for different performances, price types, and constituents
  • Patrons must login or register new accounts to accept shared tickets
  • New registrations create new Tessitura constituent records
  • Ticket chain of custody tracked in Sub Line Item Recipient and Order Seat History

Secure Mobile Tickets with Dynamic QR Codes

  • Each ticket secured via the holder's Tessitura web login
  • Log in Without a Password requires simple verification of access to their login email address
  • Tickets, seats, and QR codes don't display until you want them to
  • Dynamic QR codes refresh every 30 seconds
  • Screenshots and screenprints of tickets scan as unauthorized
  • Your guests must be logged in to access valid tickets
  • Static QR codes can be used when needed

Seamless Integration with Tessitura

  • Integration supported for all Tessitura organizations (self-hosted, RAMP, consortia, etc.)
  • True Tickets delivery method can be managed like any other
  • Tickets delivered in real-time whenever orders are saved
  • Delivery status recorded in order seat history
  • Performances, Venues, and Tickets dynamically update to reflect changes in Tessitura
  • Ticket display and integration behavior configured using native Tessitura features
  • Ticket holder data accessible in ticket history, lists, extractions, and Tessitura Analytics
  • Scanning leverages your existing hardware and processes

To learn more about this, visit our Tessitura Integration page. Tessitura Integration