Matthew Lassiter

UI/UX Lead

Starting with a web development background, Matt worked as a junior web developer during his time in college for small local businesses in the Chattanooga Area. In time his work geared more toward the building of user interfaces and auditing user interaction. Ultimately this lead to jobs in the Chattanooga Start up scene at first as a UI designer and then a director of User Experience for a digital marketing agency. Matthew has both a background in the design of digital interfaces as well as a strong understanding in the development of those systems allowing him to work between both design and development teams competently with regard to both terminology and architecture.

Beyond the scope of purely tech,  Matthew has been the co-owner of a fashion business alongside his partner for the past 4 years, specializing in the creation of street wear for daily use and performer ready garments inspired by and largely catering too the Japanese music/entertainment industry, and American entertainers. The company,, has worked with musicians and actors both domestically and abroad to create one of a kind apparel for band members and stage performers. The brand puts on annual fashion shows(4 years), blending musical performance and special celebrity models across the United States for intimate crowds of 30 or 40 to audiences of 500 – 1000.