Log in Without a Password

Let your user log in to their ticket wallet in a secure way without using a password.

Log in Without a Password is an additional and optional method you can provide your patrons so they don't have to remember or reset their password to access their tickets.

Three simple steps

Patrons can request an email with a 6-digit access code (or choose to use their password instead).
An email with a 6-digit code is sent. The patron can copy and paste the code or select it from suggested text on their device.
The patron enters or pastes the code to access their tickets.

Why enable Log in Without a Password?

  • Make it easier for your guests to get their tickets
  • Reduce front-of-house issues helping patrons log in to their ticket wallet
  • Improve accessibility for your entire audience

Enable Log in Without a Password on your ticket wallet for just $0.01 per access code email delivered to your patrons.
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