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You deserve a better ticket buying experience. You deserve a more secure ticket buying experience. So what we give you is the confidence to purchase your tickets securely from your favorite artists with reasonable prices. We are done allowing scalpers to take advantage of the marketplace. We are done with other ticketing companies taking advantage of the fans charging ridiculous fees. Our tools give you a secure and transparent marketplace to buy and sell tickets to your favorite shows at fair and reasonable prices. We are connecting you to the artists again.

Our digital mobile app is easy. No more printing tickets. No more fumbling through your inbox. No more will call. Just show up and activate your ticket on your Apple or Android device to receive a secure barcode.  If you own a ticket and all of a sudden tragedy strikes, you can no longer attend the event. No problem! You can sell it directly to fans on our marketplace! Resale rules are set by the artist to help keep pricing fair but the principle is simple, a fair price for those looking for hard to get tickets with flexibility to make it worth your while.

IBM Think 2018

True Tickets is excited to announce we will be at IBM Think, displaying a very early build of the True Tickets app, and taking an opportunity to talk and answer any questions! We look forward to seeing you at the event!

A fair price, governed by your favorite artists

It’s frustrating to want to attend a show only to learn it is sold out. Now what options remain are priced insanely high, usually by opportunists trying to sell you a $50 ticket for $250. Artists and Venues control their tickets in the True Tickets marketplace ensuring their fans stay connected and happy.

Get a real shot at a real ticket

As it is now, scalpers employ techniques to buy up massive quantities of tickets to then resell at a ridiculous price. This makes it tough for you to get a ticket to begin with. True Tickets eliminates that threat! When tickets go on sale by the venue/artist it will be you and your fellow humans who are going for those tickets. No bots, no fakes – nothing sketchy, just you buying a ticket and it working.

Handle your ticketing needs

You can resell tickets, you can transfer tickets to friends, you can buy tickets on behalf of your friends or family, or you can just use the ticket and go to the event! We want to give you some power to make the decisions you need to make while putting responsibility not he venue and artists to set the rules to avoid massive price markups or scamming altogether.

Contact us! We are happy to tell you all about it!

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