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Informed fans are happy fans

Informed fans are happy fans

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The Value of True Data

There is value in knowing who your fans are. In the same way they may depend on you, you may depend on them. True Tickets unlocks the ability for artists to have a better understanding of those who are always there when they come around. We offer true visibility not only in who bought your ticket in the primary market, but the entire lifecycle of the ticket and who ultimately walks through the gate. No more mismatched advertising and merchandise. Only true data on true fans.

Power to The Artist

Fans are giving their money in the hopes that it helps support the artists they appreciate so much. But currently tickets purchased and then scalped for cash gives no return to the artist and takes the value out of the ecosystem. True Tickets allows for the artist to profit off every transaction from the primary market to the secondary market, and keep the ticket within the ecosystem and with a fair price for fans.

IBM Think 2018

True Tickets is excited to announce we will be at IBM Think, displaying a very early build of the True Tickets app, and taking an opportunity to talk and answer any questions! We look forward to seeing you at the event!

Keep Compensation in the Family

Compensation is part of the True Tickets ecosystem. The goal is to make sure those responsible for making these events never lose out on money earned for a job well done. It also helps protect fans from fraudulent or overmarked tickets from unsavory opportunists.

Know your true fans

Fans are the life blood of the artist. They dedicate their time and money to you, so you can in term give them a memory, a piece of art, a lyric that they can hold onto forever. We aim to get you on the ground level with your fans to have a strong understanding of the behaviors and loyalty of those who come to your shows. This will let you in return find ways to better serve them with new knowledge gained.

Industrialized Scalping should die

The greatest threat to your fans and having a good time with you are industrialized ticket scalpers using bots. It’s time for bots to die. Bots cannot penetrate the True Tickets ecosystem. Bots are our enemy and we aim to eradicate their presence from this industry.

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