Alesi Ladas

Blockchain Engineer

Alesi Ladas is the Blockchain Engineer at True Tickets, a startup that makes buying, selling, and transferring entertainment tickets simple and safe through its end-to-end digital ticketing and data analytics platform. True Tickets leverages open-source solutions like Hyperledger Fabric to prevent fraud and ensure scalability, security and a lasting business solution for customers on both primary and secondary ticket markets.

Alesi has experience developing and deploying end-to-end Hyperledger Fabric and JavaScript web solutions. An active member in both communities, Alesi has contributed to open-source projects like FabriKube (Hyperledger Fabric deployment via Kubernetes). Alesi presented ‘Hyperledger Fabric: A Blockchain Platform for Enterprise’ at Build with Code NYC, and enjoys working on both frontend and backend work in React and Node.js. An avid traveler, she has found her home in NYC.