True Tickets is reinventing secure contactless mobile ticketing by giving control back to venues and performers, and in turn enhancing the overall experience for event-goers.

We provide a contactless digital ticketing delivery experience that’s both scalable and secure while integrating with existing ticketing platforms and CRM’s—Making buying, selling, and transferring entertainment tickets simple and safe.

True Tickets is a client first start-up keenly focused on providing digital customizable rights management for contactless digital tickets to the ticketing issuer. We actively work with venues and platform partners to provide a lasting business solution for both primary and secondary ticket markets. This gives venues true control of their mobile tickets for a better patron experience.

Our turn-key solution works with your existing systems ensuring that we are not changing behaviors, but are greatly improving outcomes.

The Legacy Ticketing Ecosystem is Broken

Today’s ticketing ecosystems have too many points of friction and failure, leading to a bad experience, for the organizer, the performer, and of course, the fans.

  • Rights Management

    Putting control of the ticket back into the hands of the primary ticket issuer by implementing enforceable rule sets

  • Data Insights

    Providing significantly more customer and pricing data to the issuer by tracking the path of the ticket from who bought it to who used it

  • Secondary Market

    Controlling the resale prices in the secondary markets through price floors and caps

  • Fraud Mitigation

    Significantly reducing fraudulent tickets and the associated costs & fees that they cause

Enabled by IBM Blockchain, we are creating the future of ticketing.


We empower venues to set their own rules and policies and attach those rules and pricing to each ticket. This sets the stage to allow every ticket to be tracked from the time it’s sold, to the point of entry and throughout the event.


We allow performers to work together with venues, creating the rules and policies that work for both. This means fans get access to the tickets they want without being price gouged or sold fake tickets, making for a better experience for everyone.


With True Tickets, fans get a better experience trusting that they have a real ticket at a fair price, all backed by innovative technology guaranteeing admission to the event that they’ve been waiting weeks or months to attend. It also means mark-ups and fees don't absorb fans' budgets normally allocated to concessions and merchandise.

Our Team

Matt Zarracina

Co-Founder & CEO

Steven Dobesh

Co-Founder & CFO

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Co-Founder & Senior Technical Advisor

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Business Development

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Technical Lead

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Customer Success

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Development Operations

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Head of Product

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Product Lead

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Technical Lead

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Software Engineer

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Software Engineer

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UI / UX Product Design Lead

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Sr Product Lead

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Principal Product Lead

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C#/SQL Developer

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Blockchain Advisor

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Strategic Advisor