True Tickets – When you trust your tickets, your patrons can too.

True Tickets is better for venues. Period. Because of this, we’re also better for artists, for audiences, and your ability to manage the ticketing process from sale to scan.

The current marketplace of online ticketing is a mess of fraud, scalping, hidden fees taken by third parties, and security breaches.

We have a better way and a proven track record of making it work.

Quick Facts

  • 2 million tickets delivered — since November 2020.
  • 11 active venues to date — 10 in the United States, 1 in the UK.
  • Built to work with multiple ticketing systems and marketplaces — such as Tessitura.
  • Secure digital ticket delivery service — not an app — not a ticketing system.

How we work: Smarter, Faster, Easier

We work with your existing ticketing system. Our technology moves the paper and email ticket delivery process fully into the secure digital world.

  • We integrate seamlessly with your ticketing system.
  • There is no app for patrons to download.
  • A fast and easy web application is designed to work with older phones and limited venue bandwidths.
  • We have an easy digital interface that audiences of any age can understand.
  • Our solution provides you with data about your shadow audience that you can use.
  • True Tickets secures your tickets from unauthorized secondary market activity.
  • Up to 10,000 patrons can load our webapp in the same bandwidth it takes one patron to load a typical 1MB print at home PDF ticket.

Why it works for venues: You set the rules

As the ticket issuer, you set the rules for your ticket sales and resales.
Tickets are tied to user logins, which makes them fraud resistant and easier to transfer and allows you to build connections with your actual audience. True Tickets retains no personally identifiable information about those who use the service. See more here.

Control the ticketing delivery process from sale to scan in whatever way you want.

We allow you to track the entire lifecycle of a ticket, including transferring, changing seats, or rescheduling shows all as part of the True Tickets process that can be done through the digital interface. This means fewer phone calls, emails, and shorter box office lines.

With True Tickets, there is:

  • No change to your website
  • No change to your purchase path
  • No change to your hardware
  • No change to your business processes

Venue Benefits:
Identity + Accountability = Trust

  • Your tickets, your rules. We can work with your specific ticketing policies.
  • We are a delivery method, we work alongside your other delivery methods.
  • We don’t add transaction fees that get passed onto your patrons.
  • Saves venues money in reduced staff time, ticket stock, mailing and stamps, and allows office personnel to focus on other tasks.
  • Learn more about your shadow audience (tickets are tied to people not just to QR codes).
  • Ticket security and fraud protection are optimized for patron access and convenience.

Rules-Based Digital Ticket Sharing

From sale to scan, putting control of your tickets back in your hands.

You set the rules around how your patrons can share their tickets.

  • Simplified Delivery
    Client's estimate annual savings to exceed $200,000 through the elimination of ticket stock, printing, mailing, postage, and other related costs.
  • Fraud Mitigation (Fewer Chargebacks)
    Clients are experiencing up to a 90% reduction in fraudulent activity and related chargebacks.
  • Reduced Full Time Employee Hours
    An 80-90% reduction in FTE hours related to fulfillment and box office activities has been reported.
  • Verifiable Name Acquisition
    A 5-7% uplift in verifiable captured names, reducing marketing and development spend upwards of $0.50 per name acquisition.

Venue Savings

True Ticket clients have realized, for every 100K tickets sold:

A savings between
$12,000 - $48,000
A minimum of incremental revenue in the amount of
A minimum
quantifiable value of

Client list

What others are saying

“I’m especially impressed with the slick UX and workflow.”

John Jakovich Chief Innovation Officer, Tessitura Network

“We have been a proud True Tickets partner from day one. We are excited to continue to deliver innovative solutions with them to our industry for years to come.”

Johann Zietsman President & CEO of the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts

“Secure, contactless and sharable digital tickets—once a ‘nice to have’ is now a ‘must have’. True Tickets is delivering.”

Katherine Ramsberger President & CEO Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

How to get started

  1. Schedule a demonstration with one of our experts
  2. Should you decide to move forward, installation takes less than an hour
  3. We’ll walk you through how to train your staff (it’s straightforward)
  4. Securely deliver and transfer tickets to your patrons

About us

True Tickets was founded in 2017 as an end-to-end ticketing system. As we grew and talked to more and more people in the industry, we realized two things: no one wanted another app. And traditional ticketing systems across the industry had a need for a secure digital delivery option. So True Tickets changed course.

We decided to no longer be an end-to-end ticketing system. Instead, we developed a technology that could plug into existing ticketing systems to deliver and transfer tickets securely. We had our very first run of the service with 24 tickets to Hamilton in Miami in February 2020, testing the service with friends, family, and investors.

Today, we’ve delivered more than 2 million tickets for 10 major venues worldwide. We’ve developed a proprietary system that allows venues to sell their own tickets while creating their own rules for ticketing transfers, refunds, cancellations, and more.

We believe in trust through identity and accountability. We protect user data and privacy, and use cutting-edge security to ensure it is as easy to use as it is safe. We’re growing and we’re honored to partner with some of the finest arts and culture centers in the world.

Our Team

Matt Zarracina

Co-Founder & CEO

Steven Dobesh

Co-Founder & CFO

David Piskovich

Co-Founder & Senior Technical Advisor

Andrew Pinkham


Ken Lesnik

Business Development

Laura Zehe


Alan Faubert

Technical Lead

Roubina Surenian

VP, Strategic Projects & Partnerships

Atha Kouroussis

Development Operations

Kirk Mortensen

Head of Product

Daniel Gomez

Product Lead

Victor Castrejon

CSS & HTML Expert

Raúl Garrido

Software Engineer

Yanina Fiorillo

UI / UX Product Design Lead

Dena Memari

Sr Product Lead

JC Landivar

Sr Product Advisor

Berenice Muszynski

C#/SQL Developer

Rowinson Gallego

Senior Software Engineer

Brian Covey

Engineering Manager

Thomas Hardjono

Blockchain Advisor

Jack Rubin

Strategic Advisor

Randi Zuckerberg

Strategic Advisor